Rector’s Message


Located in Ho Chi Minh City, University of Agriculture and Forestry (UAF) or Nong Lam University (NLU) is one of the top agricultural universities in Vietnam. NLU offers good living and learning environment and is being the destination for a lot of young and talented students throughout the nation. There are around 14,000 fulltime and more than 6,000 partime students at NLU which is developing fast with renovated and flexible educational programs.


 At NLU, we work hard to develop a favorable learning environment essential for all students to develop their full potential. We have a green campus, a good library,  large dormitories and a convenient sport center. New laboratories and computer labs are well equipped inside faculty buildings. More facilities for students are going to be built or upgraded in the coming years.


Based on the University’s excellent educational achievements and reputation in agricultural and rural development in Vietnam, NLU has been developing into a multi-discipline university. We currently have more than 50 training programs covering a wide range of science and technology disciplines. The training curricula are approaching international quality and adopting credit systems. The University has been also acting as a bridge to transfer advanced technology, share experience and solve technical problems to communities and entrepreneurs through research, developing projects, workshops and conferences. Many collaboration projects between NLU and international partners have been successfully implemented, contributing to the enhancement of the university’s training and research capacity as well as national development. Empowered faculties, staffs and students has together built up the reputation of Nong Lam University, making it globalized and nationalized expansion.


Fifty-five years has passed since the foundation of the university, but a lot of works is waiting ahead. I do hope you will have time to come and visit us, witness the development of Nong Lam University, and be a part of its development.


Trinh Truong Giang, Ph.D


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